Tailored for Animals, Inspired by Nature

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe has produced and sold L-Lysine since 1976, L-Threonine since 1987 and L-Tryptophan since 2000.

In 2009, Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe is again the first to launch the production of L-Valine for feed-use.

Our amino acids are produced by the fermentation of raw materials from agriculture such as beet sugar, beet molasses or starch hydrolysates from cereals.


The use of our amino acids feed-grade allows reducing the nitrogen pollution from husbandry, combating global warming and eutrophication.

Amino acid profiles

A balanced amino acid profile optimises the expression of the genetic potential of animals.


EvaPig® is a calculator of energy, amino acid and phosphorus values of ingredients and diets for growing and adult pigs.

Technical documents

The results obtained from our experimental program and from the literature are compiled and presented in our technical bulletins.

Feedstuff amino acid database

Raw materials analyses feed a database which is compiled to supply information on the variations in amino acids content of ingredients.
Updated July 2014

Estimating amino acid needs

Estimating amino acid requirements through dose-response experiments in pigs and poultry - Protocol and results interpretation.