The world leader in the production of amino acids by fermentation

Ajinomoto headquarters

As summed up by one of the Group mottos, "far ahead, but not far from you", AJINOMOTO CO. looks towards and anticipates the future whilst remaining close to its customers and attentive to their specific needs.

Based in Japan, where it is a major player in the Food Industry, AJINOMOTO CO. is the leading global producer of amino acids by fermentation for the pharmaceutical, food and feed industries. The Group is present in 23 countries around the world with, in particular, 102 industrial sites in 16 countries.

Thanks to its 900 scientists and 11 laboratories and research centers, AJINOMOTO CO. dedicates a large part of its activity to R&D. This permanent research effort enables the company to improve production processes, making it possible to not only guarantee the competitiveness of the Group's plants but also to identify new applications and openings for amino acids.

In the feed sector, AJINOMOTO ANIMAL NUTRITION GROUP, Inc. is the worldwide leader in amino acids produced by fermentation. Its five subsidiaries, including Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe, are located around the world: Europe (France), America (USA and Brazil) and Asia (Thailand).