The customer laboratory

The Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe customer laboratory is located on the site of the Amiens plant.

It is specialized in amino acid analyses and carries out analyses on protein and total and free amino acid content in raw materials, feeds and pure or premixed amino acids.

The customer laboratory provides technical support within the scope of our experimentation programs and analysis campaigns on raw materials and feeds. It also acts as a support for our customers in optimizing the use of our products (homogeneity) and in analyzing their raw materials and feeds. Lastly, it takes part as a reference laboratory for the amino acids dosage in quality control procedures for our end products.

The customer laboratory team is made up of four technicians and one laboratory manager. It is equipped with one nitrogen analyser, three amino acid analysers and two liquid chromatography apparatus for tryptophan analysis.

The traceability of samples is ensured by a computerized system from their receipt through to results being sent out.

The Cofrac accreditation

In order to answer requests from its users and customers at best, the customer laboratory implemented actions to obtain an accreditation and has been accredited by Cofrac since the 1st October 2007.

Cofrac (COmité FRançais d’ACcréditation) is entrusted with a double mission of certifying that accredited bodies are competent and impartial and of obtaining international acceptance of their services and recognition of laboratories, inspection and certifying bodies competences.

Laboratoire d’essai
accrédité N°1- 1915

Scope available on:

This accreditation according to standard ISO 17025 is an official recognition of the technical competence of the laboratory, of its conformity to quality management requirements and of its independency.

Thanks to multilateral agreements (MLA) of which Cofrac is a signatory, an accreditation obtained in France can be recognised not only in Europe but also worldwide:

This accreditation requires, among others, the use of standard or in-house validated methods, a continuous improvement approach, organized document management and a formalized information review with the applicants for analysis.