Expertise & Innovation

Innovation is the key

Increased knowledge about animal nutrition goes a long way towards explaining developments in the use of feed-grade amino acids. Since its creation, Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe has been constantly involved in an active policy of innovation. Together with our distribution network, this represents a total of around fifteen nutritionists involved in the feed sector.

We run a permanent program of research and collaboration with various institutes, universities and professionals in the animal production sector, everywhere in Europe and around the world. The main aim of this research is to specify the amino acids requirements of animals as well as the amino acids values of raw materials and feeds. Some of this research has also contributed towards building and developing modern systems for formulating feeds, such as the net energy system, the standardized ileal digestibility of amino acids and the ideal protein concept.

The results obtained from this program are presented through the publication of scientific and technical articles, especially our technical bulletins. Moreover, we regularly organize technical meetings with our network in different countries; these meetings represent the highlight in communicating results to our customers and partners from local sectors.

Our customer laboratory, which is specialized in the analysis of amino acids, intervenes in determining the amino acids content of raw materials or in confirming the expected levels in compound feeds. It also makes it possible to carry out large scale campaigns of analysis throughout Europe.

The nutritionists at Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe and their network have acquired a wealth of knowledge enabling us to place this expertise on the use of amino acids in animal feeds at our customers' disposal.

Maintaining and affirming our contribution to the development of knowledge on the use of amino acids in feeds is an integral part of our strategy.