Liquid Lysine

Key advantages of Liquid Lysine (LLB 50)

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe was the first producer of L-Lysine to launch a liquid form on the market (LLB 50) in the early 1990s to meet the expectations of the feed industry. This form of lysine immediately met with a huge success – a success which was, indeed, confirmed over time. The main advantages linked with the use of LLB 50 are the following.


1 - Reduction of labour costs

  • Fast unloading of trucks and no more handling of palettes and bags
  • Automated transport between storage and production
  • Direct incorporation in the mixer, no need of premix
  • Release of storage space and improved management of warehouses
  • Fast and easy checking of stock level with tank gauge

2 - Reduction in product loss

  • No product spilage during the handling of bags
  • No residues in bags or pipes

3 - Reduction of environmental costs

  • No tax for the disposal of empty bags (if any)
  • No dust, cleaner feedmill
  • Improved working environment

4 - Reduction of formulation costs due to increased flexibility and precision of use

  • Automatic and precise incorporation directly into the mixer
  • Variable inclusion rates, including very small quantities
  • Improvement of homogeneity in the incorporation of the lysine in the mixture and reduced risks of de-mixing

Product equivalences

Per unit of active substance (L-Lysine base), L-Lysine HCl and LLB 50 are strictly equivalent products, with the same biological effectiveness.

Product equivalences L-Lysine HCl LLB 50
Lysine base (minimum) 78% 50%
L-Lysine HCl 100% 64.1%