The leading amino acid

L-Lysine is the most important amino acid for monogastric species, as it is the first limiting amino acid for pigs and the second limiting amino acid for poultry.

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe produces and sells L-Lysine in two main forms:

  • L-Lysine HCl 99%: a monochlorhydrate salt of L-Lysine 99%
  • LLB 50: Liquid L-Lysine Base 50%

The liquid form (LLB 50), which was launched in 1994 by Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe to meet the expectations of feed manufacturers, was immediately a great success with clients who appreciated its many advantages.

The main characteristics of L-Lysine HCl and LLB 50 are described below.


Characteristics L-Lysine HCI LLB 50
Description L-Lysine Monochlorhydrate crystal Liquid Lysine Base 50
Aspect White to pale yellow crystals Dark brown liquid
Chemical description L-Lysine HCI LLB 50
Molecular formula C6H14N2O2HCl C6H14N2O2
Molecular weight  182.65 146.20
Isomer L (Leavo-rotatory) L (Leavo-rotatory)
Regulatory positionL-Lysine HCILLB 50
The monochlorhydrate of L-Lysine, which is technically pure (L-Lysine monochlorhydrate 99% Feed Grade) and the liquid concentrate of L-Lysine base (LLB 50) come under Regulation (CE) 1831/2003 of 22/09/2003 relating to additives which are intended for animal feed (Official Journal of the EU n° L 268 of 18/10/2003), category: “nutritional additives”, additive group: “amino acids, their salts and analogous products” and can be used for all animal species
Product L-Lysine HCI LLB 50
Content in Lysine base (minimum) 78% 50%
Equivalent in L-Lysine HCL 100% 64.10%
Nutritional data  L-Lysine HCI LLB 50
Digestibility 100% 100%
Crude protein 93.4% 61.9%
ME poultry 4120 (17.24) kcal/kg (MJ/kg) 2640 (11.05) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
DE pigs  4860 (20.33) kcal/kg (MJ/kg) 3110 (13.01) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
ME pigs 4410 (18.45) kcal/kg (MJ/kg) 2830 (11.84) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
NE pigs 3435 (14.37) kcal/kg (MJ/kg) 2200 (9.20) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
Range of supplementation usually observed  0.5 to 6.0 kg/ton of compound feed  0.3 to 9.5 kg/ton of compound feed
General specifications  L-Lysine HCI LLB 50
pH 5.6 to 5.9 10 to 11
Density 0.55 to 0.65 1.13 to 1.15
Packaging  Bags of 25 kg on wrapped palettes or "Big bags" or bulk Bulk tanks
Stability - Closed bags of 25 kg from the place of origin: the product is stable for at least 3 years if it is stored in the recommended conditions
- Closed "Big bags" from the place of origin: the product is stable for at least 1 year if it is stored in the recommended conditions
The product is stable for 1 year at 20°C