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Amino acids products tailored to the feed industry

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe has produced and sold L-Lysine since 1976, L-Threonine since 1987, L-Tryptophan since 2000 and L-Valine since 2009. Our amino acids are produced by the fermentation of raw materials from agriculture such as beet sugar, beet molasses or starch hydrolysates from cereals.

Today, amino acids are ingredients which are widely used in monogastric feeds (pigs and poultry). Their use is very often essential in certain specific feed formulas at certain physiological stages.

Generally speaking, amino acids offer many advantages from both a nutritional and economic standpoint. They enable European and local raw materials to be used in a better and more effective way (cereals and oilseed crops) and thus reduce costs linked to the importation of costly protein sources such as soybean meal. Their use also makes it possible to balance feeds with the nutritional requirements of animals, whilst avoiding excesses which lead to an increase in waste – notably in the form of nitrogen – from farms. Amino acids make it possible to create formulas which are more environmentally friendly.