Our values

A strategy dedicated to the feed industry needs

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe

Since its creation Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe has focused on the values which have enabled it to grow and develop: performance and responsibility, closeness to markets and innovation.

Performance and responsibility

The amino acids which are sold by Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe are produced using natural fermentation processes. Using raw materials from agriculture, such as sugar and beet molasses or starch hydrolysates from cereals, we produce amino acid molecules which are identical to those of living organisms (plants and animals).

With support from the laboratories and research centers of the AJINOMOTO Group, we are continuously improving our industrial production processes in order to make them increasingly effective.

We guarantee the quality of the amino acids which we produce in accordance with European standards. Our quality inspections are carried out during every production stage, from the receipt of raw materials through to the transport of the end product to our customers.

Our production methods and processes meet environmental requirements which go beyond current standards and we are constantly looking for ways to make our activity as environmentally friendly as possible. Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe thus makes large-scale investments in processing or recycling the water used during manufacturing processes and in retrieving the generated co-products which are used in feeds (bacterial proteins, liquid protein concentrates) or are recycled in the form of fertilizers (ammonium and potassium salts).

Our responsibility and overall policy in terms of quality and food safety, safety at work place, environment protection is implemented through an Integrated Management System (IMS) covering all of these dimensions of safety, environment and quality.

Close to our markets

Our sales team, which is based in Paris, is supported by a distribution network which includes specialists in the sale of products for animal feeds. We are therefore close to our contacts and are attentive to our customers – enabling us to meet their current needs and also to anticipate those of tomorrow more effectively.


As we are convinced that the development of the use of amino acids in animal feeds is dependent on the improvement of knowledge of their use, we have been investing since our creation – with help from the nutritionists of our distribution network – in an active policy of innovation. This is mainly implemented through research programs and through our collaboration with numerous institutes, universities and professionals from the sector throughout Europe and around the world.

The results of this research are widely publicized through international conferences and our own publications (Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe technical bulletins). They are also the subject of special communications with our customers. Our customer laboratory, which is specialized in the analysis of amino acids, also represents a key tool in improving knowledge of the amino acids composition of both feedstuffs and compound feeds.