Quality management: a first step towards total quality at Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe, clearly expressed its willingness to place quality products free from contamination, in the food chain underpinned by a HACCP risk analysis.

Moreover, traceability and food safety have become increasingly important over the past few years in Europe, the marketplace of choice for Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe products.

In this context, Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe decided in March 2004 to set up an Integrated Management System (IMS) covering, among others, the aspects of quality and food safety.

This approach spearheads constant improvement, while integrating all the contractual, statutory and legal obligations. Its aims are:

  • to satisfy our customers, by meeting our commitments being attentive to their expectations, by improving the quality of our products and services, and through our ability to offer them new products,
  • to motivate Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe entire workforce on a daily basis to provide quality products and services,
  • to enhance the sustainability of our company by improving its competitiveness.

For the purpose of recognition, Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe Integrated Management System (IMS) is certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV) in compliance with the following codes: ISO 9001, FAMI-QS, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.