Safety at work and the safety of our industrial installations is an Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe top priority

Safety is a basic value of Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe, whose first requirement is to ensure the protection of its workforce, of visitors to the plant as well as the population living close to its industrial site.

Our goal: to prevent and to avoid accidents

Our objective is to achieve zero accidents of whatever origin. As a Seveso II site (storage and utilization of liquid ammonia), our objective is:

  • to guarantee the reliability of our industrial installations and of the various associated safety systems,
  • to permanently rely on a skilled and trained organization in the field of emergency situation control.

Meeting the regulations in terms of safety and industrial security associated with active prevention based on analysis and risk detection should allow us to reach those targets.

Involvement and success in terms of safety are key elements in assessing the professionalism of everyone within the company; they are valued by the entire management team and used as individual performance assessment criteria.

Ongoing concern for improvement implies great transparency in terms of security to be able to benefit from the analysis of incidents or "almost accidents" as well as external feedback.

The Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe Management guarantees this commitment and its role is to drive prevention forward with a view to sensitive and continuous improvement. 

Each management level is responsible for reaching these objectives.

The implementation of the SGS takes industrial safety into account.

The Single Document (people safety risk analysis document) and the Hygiene, Safety, Health Plant and Site Committee take the safety of people into account.