A stakeholder committed to sustainability

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe embraces principles of the circular economy and sustainable development at various levels. As a bio-industry stakeholder, we implement production processes that respect the environment. Moreover, our solutions respond as much to societal issues related to animal health and welfare as it does to the economic performance of livestock and their impact on the environment.

Our responsible approach

Our convictions

  • Effectively manage dietary resources
  • Improve the life cycles in animal production
  • Work towards the sustainability of our planet

Bio-industry, the foundation
of our identity

Our amino acids are produced using agricultural raw materials and through fermentation processes. Life science is at the heart of our work and our preoccupations.

Our bio-industry

Designer of
customized solutions

Producer of amino acids for more than 40 years, we make sure that we respond to the multiple challenges related to livestock industries. We have therefore developed AJI-CS™: an expert process for our customers and customized amino acid blends designed in order to respond to new issues in animal nutrition.

Our customized solutions

The Benefits of our amino acids

  • Accurately responds to animals’ nutritional and functional needs
  • Reduces the environmental footprint of livestock farming
  • Improves the life cycles of products
  • Mitigates climate change
  • Contributes to animal health and welfare
  • Reduces the dependence on protein in livestock productions

AjiPro®-L, the solution designed for ruminant animals

In order to assist dairy farmers, our teams have developed a protected lysine formula: AjiPro®-L. This innovative solution guarantees greater product stability in the rumen and maximizes its positive effects on the animal.

Discover AjiPro®-L

Creating customized solutions

  • 1Analyze the customer’s needs
  • 2Identify the adapted dietary solution and select the amino acids
  • 3Our teams will then create and implement a customized solution
  • 4Analyze results and continue to innovate


Product Quality

Products subjected to a strict inspection process

Reliable Supply Chain

A guaranteed supply, selected transporters

Compliance with European Regulations

Products perfectly compliant with regulations

Environmental Responsibility

Waste-less production and sustainable solutions

Intellectual Property Protection

Bacterial strains patented by Ajinomoto

Continuous Innovation

Continual R&D for targeted solutions

The Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe story, from past to future


Innovation has been the very essence of Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe since it was created. As a major stakeholder in bio-industry, we strive to perfect our fermentation technologies, the basis for amino acid production. We are pioneers in animal nutrition research in order to design dietary solutions with greater effectiveness.

Our Innovation Work

An Incubator of Savoir-Faire

  • R&D Laboratories in Amiens (France)
  • Research Institute for Bioscience of Kawasaki (Japan)
  • Bangkok Animal Research Centre, BARC (Thailand)
  • Research institutes and partner universities in animal nutrition (Europe, Canada, United States, Australia, South America)
  • Livestock industry institutes and professionals

Animal nutrition research

We benefit from more than 40 years of expertise in amino acid-based animal nutrition research. With our customers’ current and future needs at the heart of our preoccupations, this research works towards making systems more efficient for the economy and environment.

Our Nutrition R&D

Key Figures

  • 15 researchers and nutritionists in France
  • 2 laboratories
  • 10 amino acids for our solutions
  • 40+ years of production and services
  • 7 area sales manager
  • 15 agents and their services
  • 57 countries served

Member of a global specialty company

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe is a subsidiary of the Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Group (AANG), which belongs to the Japanese Ajinomoto Group. The latter is a world leader in the fermentation-based production of amino acids through fermentation for animal and human nutrition. With international locations, we distribute our products in 57 countries, throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our Sales and Distribution Teams

Complementary Teams,
an All-in-One Service

  • Sales and technical teams
  • Customer analysis labs
  • Production factory in Amiens and production partners around the world
  • A distribution network and local agents
  • Certified transporters

Always adapting to
our customers

Our sales administration teams are organized by country so that each customer benefits from a single contact. For the delivery of products, we propose 4 transportation methods in order to respond to the specificities of each customer.

A network within reach

Map of the Group’s locations

  • Agent / Distributor
  • Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Group & Affiliates


Since its creation in 1974, Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe has always been at the industry’s forefront. Each time we have shown that we know how to anticipate the needs of the livestock industry and propose amino acids that respond to these needs. Currently faced with new issues and different contexts, we continue to go one step further with customized AJI-CS™ solutions.

All our solutions

Pioneer in the amino acid market

  • AJI-CS™ (2018)
  • AjiPro®-L (2018)
  • L-Valine (2009)
  • L-Tryptophan (2000)
  • L-Threonine (1987)
  • L-Lysine Liquid (1994)
  • L-Lysine (1976)

The Amiens factory: a unique bio-industry tool

Key Dates

  • 1974

    Creation of Eurolysine, a Franco-Japanese alliance between Ajinomoto and Orsan

    Construction of the factory in Amiens, France.

  • 1976

    Production of the first amino acid: L-Lysine

  • 1993

    Creation of the amino acid analysis Customer Laboratory

  • 1997

    Subsidiary becomes 100% Ajinomoto

  • 2000

    Eurolysine becomes Ajinomoto Eurolysine

  • 2018

    New name: Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe